The Queen of Couture

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Shop Couture Inc. is a rising cosmetic company that is under the brand, Couture Inc. It has grown in popularity over the last couple of years with girl bosses from all over the U.S. On their website they describe themselves as, the provider of products that “empower women to embrace their uniqueness, continue to raise the bar, and design successful lifestyles that are custom to what makes them happy.” Within the company you will various lines of products to enhance the beauty of the lips. The creation of this blossoming company has a deeper and inspiring meaning. We can credit this rise to the “Queen of Couture,” Terrace Sherman. 

“I’m from Saginaw, Michigan,” said Terrace. It’s a small town probably 15 to 20 minutes away from Flint depending on how fast you’re driving. I’ve been in Atlanta for about a year and a half and I am the owner of Couture Inc. It’s a lifestyle brand that encompasses branding, marketing, fashion, and beauty.”

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Under the Couture Inc. umbrella is a blog where Terrace gives out marking, branding tips, and consultations for women who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs. But, that only touches the surface of all that Terrace does on a daily basis. She is an advocate for making the lost out of life and strongly believes that all should pursue what makes them happy. “We can fulfill our dreams and design our lives around our passions,” said Terrace. 

The timeline of Couture Inc. started when Terrace was a young girl in the 90s who was addicted to lip glosses, chap sticks, and of course the holy grail for many young girls, Lip Smackers. She would go to the beauty supply store and stock up on her favorite flavors. When her mother brought home a new batch of lip goodies, Terrace would secretly resell the ones that she didn’t like to her friends. “For example, I don’t like lemon stuff so, I would resell them,” Terrace No lie! In elementary school I was the lip gloss girl. It’s funny because, I always tell people that your childhood gives you clues to who you are.”

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Years went and Terrace matured into a young woman. When she was in her sophomore year of college she wanted to start her own lip line. The young entrepreneur began to go into planning mode and mapped out all her colors, what she wanted each color to be called, and what she wanted to name her cosmetic creation; however, she didn’t execute the dream until years later.

In 2011, she started an event planning company called Hollywood Flare Events in pursuit to find her passion. Launching this company gave her the opportunity express her love for creativity, organization, and planning.

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Then, in 2012, she went on a Study Abroad trip to France for a summer. Her time abroad gave her the inspiration she needed for her brand, Couture. The word couture is used in a sentence to describe something that is one of a kind, and created especially for you. Terrace wanted the name to reflect how she plans to treat the people that come in contact with her services. Each service from her brand will be tailored specifically to the needs to the person. She also re-opened her cosmetic dream once again and started planning out the Couture Lipstick collection however, that again went on the back burner. She continued her event planning business and grew to have a steady clientele. One day, Terrace met a person through one of her events who was a lipstick vendor. Together, they agreed to have a couture collection within the existing lipstick line. The collection had four colors: “On the Throne Purple”, “Hot Kisses Pink”, “Runway Ready”, and “Couture in the City”.” But, all good things comes with their obstacles. 

The collaboration took off at a very successful and rapid rate. But, the pace became overwhelming and what quickly progressed came falling down and the company that was in collaboration with Terrace could not keep up with the momentum. So, they parted ways and Terrace began to look for a new vendor and it resulted in a success. The vendor had a quick turnover rate and the colors that she needed. Everything that was in her journal years ago were finally coming to fruition. Instead of just having four lip shades from someone else’s brand, Terrace launched her standalone Couture Collection brand in 2016. 

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Why Add Beauty To The Brand? 

Growing up, Terrace battled with low self-esteem. She understands that we are all beautiful but, sometimes we don’t always feel our best. You could be on your cycle and emotionally and physically going through hell and back. 

“It’s important to me to have beauty element because, I always want women to feel their best. I want that beauty aspect to not only appeal the physical aspect of women but, also the internal,” said Terrace. “We see these different ads and sometimes the models of these campaigns don’t necessarily look like you. They encourage you to look in a different way than you would look naturally. For example, I’ve been wearing my natural hair for about a year and a half. Before that, I wore a weave because that is what made me feel beautiful. I didn’t feel pretty unless I had a weave and makeup. I always needed this and that to feel beautiful. But, I want people to embrace who they are. So, it’s not, ‘okay I’m using makeup to cover up.’ Instead it’s, ‘okay I have these full, beautiful, voluptuous lips and now I want to add a pop of color to enhance what I already possess.”

Shop Couture is fun! Some of us love get a makeover, or buy new beauty products and Couture is adding on to the pampering festivities! Terrace created her lip line to be versatile for various occasions. There are nude colors that one can wear to work, or if you want to bring out your inner sexy, there are darker colors. Couture even has glitter sticks for those who love to spice up their make or are avid Carnival attendees that need to an extra pop to their makeup look. Terrace’s goal is to appeal to the girl bosses from all walks of life and not just entrepreneurs but, the girl who is the boss over her life.

To promote Couture, Terrace uses social media and also collaborate with various beauty bloggers. Another way she promotes attending and sometimes working networking events. She also host events for example, on National Lipstick day she did a Lipstick and Mingle event. 

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The Past, Present, and Future Terrace

Today, Terrace is an extremely confident and no-nonsense woman. 

“I’ve been through a lot and today I’m not as shy or taken aback by much,” said Terrace. “I don’t expect things from people, or from a situation that I don’t have control over. I don’t expect anything from anyone outside of what I can produce. It makes me less doubtful and keeps me motivated. It also keeps me confident in what I can do and my strength and abilities.” 

She wants to continue encouraging people to mask off, be their true authentic selves, and not be afraid to be the best that they can be.

Go to shopcoutureinc.comand get the Couture look. In addition to lipsticks there are also branded t-shirts, crew necks, and crop tops. 





Sarai Thompson